Despite sitting through almost three weeks of trial, the jury only needed twenty minutes to return TWO DEFENSE VERDICTS in a consolidated trial for OTGB’s client in Baltimore, Maryland.  Baltimore, Maryland is notorious for being Plaintiff friendly and this is only the third asbestos defense verdict over the past few years.

The Estates of Waldon Edwards and Walter Koepper, both diagnosed with mesothelioma, consolidated their cases and were tried in front of Honorable Judge Lawrence P. Fletcher-Hill.

The Estate of Waldon Edwards alleged that his  death was caused by exposure to our client’s gaskets, packing and rope from his work as a mechanical helper at Bethlehem Steel, Sparrows Point in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Estate of Walter Koepper alleged that his death was caused by exposure to gaskets, packing and rope from his work as a machinist at the Lever Brothers Plant in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1960s through the 1980s.

Plaintiffs called as expert witnesses Dr. Arthur Frank, Dr. Arnold Brody, Dr. Jerrold Abraham, Dr. John Maddox, William Longo, Dr. Jerry Lauderdale, David Rosner, Dr. James Millette and Dr. Christine Oliver.  Our client called as its witnesses Dr. Amy Madl, Dr. James Crapo and Dr. Fred Toca.

The attorneys for the plaintiffs were from the Peter Angelos Firm. Trial attorneys from OTGB were Dan Griffin, Tom Burns and Alex Hryhorczuk along with local counsel from Miles & Stockbridge including Michael Brown and Deborah St. Lawrence-Thompson.

Congratulations to all. Another great win for the defense.

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